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Changing Seasons – Uniform Reminder

Uniform and Phone Reminder

This is a reminder to all students that hoodies, tracksuit tops and cardigans are not to be worn for school. If these items of clothing are seen by members of staff they will be confiscated. If students are feeling cold then they should wear a black v-necked knitted jumper underneath their blazer. Sensible dark coloured coats should be worn to and from school and in the playground.

Students must continue to wear black, leather polishable shoes. Students wearing trainers to school will be sent home.

Mobile phones must remain turned off and in school bags at all times. If phones are seen on the school site they will be confiscated by a member of staff and parents/carers will be contacted to come into school to collect them.

Thank you for your cooperation with this.



Energy Drinks Danger

Did you know that energy drinks such as Boost, Red Bull and Monster are not suitable for children under 18? They contain high levels of caffeine and sugar which can trigger heart problems in young people. Other side effects of these drinks are increased anxiety, hyperactivity and a risk of obesity. Drinks such as Lucozade, contain the equivalent of ten teaspoons of sugar and can also cause health problems and tooth decay for young people. Research has raised concerns that high levels of caffeine and sugar are disrupting pupils' ability to concentrate and focus in class. All energy drinks are banned at Woodside High School.