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Year 6 Transition

We have a well-established programme which makes the transition from primary to secondary school as smooth as possible. Please take some time to look at our resources here.

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Behaviour for Learning

Rewards and Consequences          

Actions students choose will have consequences.

  • Good choices will result in praise and rewards (PRAISE Points).
  • Poor choices will result in consequences (CONDUCT Points).


Actions students choose will have consequences. Good choices will result in praise and rewards (PRAISE points). Woodside High School’s PRAISE points are awarded to students for going above and beyond basic expectations. 





Student Reports

Students can be placed on report to their tutor (green report), YAM (orange report) or a member of the Senior Leadership Team (red report) when there are concerns about their behaviour.  See the Consequence Pyramid for guidance on which level of report is appropriate.

Parents/Carers must be informed when a student is placed on report.

Consequence Pyramid


EXAMPLE ACTIONS: alcohol, drugs, fireworks, weapons, threatening/assaulting staff, group attack on student, systematic bullying

CONSEQUENCE RANGE: Fixed Term Exclusion, Permanent Exclusion, Managed Move, Referral to PRU, parental/carer involvement, involve school Police Officer, Pastoral Support Programme, Red Report to SLT

LEAD STAFF: Headteacher/Associate Headteacher



EXAMPLE ACTIONS: Persistent C4 and C5, truancy, smoking, prejudicial/discriminatory behaviour, theft, swearing at staff, fighting, vandalism, bullying

CONSEQUENCE RANGE: Fixed Term Exclusion, Internal Exclusion, Restorative Justice Meeting, meetings with parents/carers, involve school Police Officer, Orange Report to SLT




EXAMPLE ACTIONS: Persistent disruption to learning, anti-social behaviour in social areas, disobeying instructions, rudeness, inappropriate uniform, lateness, failure to complete homework

CONSEQUENCE RANGE: C1, C2 and C3 warnings, C4 detentions, subject teacher/tutor detentions, meeting with parents/carers, Green Report to Tutor

LEAD STAFF: Subject Teacher/Tutor

All consequences are indicated as a guideline and are context based. Final consequences will depend on the precise nature of the incident, including the age and vulnerability of the student involved.

All incidents at ORANGE or RED stages should be recorded on SIMS