Woodside High School

"This is an
Outstanding School

Teaching is outstanding and teachers have the highest expectations for their students. Teachers constantly work with students to achieve the very best." - Ofsted 2014

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GCSEPod is an award winning online resource to support students in their independent learning. GCSEPod contains a bank of highly concentrated, 3-5 minute videos that provide students with specialist subject knowledge for 20 curriculum areas. It's written by expert subject teachers then rigorously quality assured. Every Pod is mapped to GCSE and IGCSE exam boards and are kept up to date with curriculum and technology changes.

Year 10 and 11 Woodside High students are given access to GCSEPod and are encouraged to use it to support their independent learning.



GCSEPod is a great resource that you can encourage your child to use to help them reach their potential whilst building their confidence across a range of subjects.  Use GCSEPod to learn a new topic together or help them identify their weakest areas and fill their knowledge gaps.  To download resources for parents/carers or to find out more, visit